The Process


Step one

Buy the right plan, or email us for advice.

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Step two

We will send you a confirmation email.

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Step three

The confirmation email will contain a client questionnaire to help us create the perfect design.

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Step four

Our designer will email you a direct contact & create your perfect website.

Frequently Asked Questions!

A. The average website usually takes between 1-3 weeks depending on the clients needs; however, clients searching for the ‘perfect image’, may also cause delays.

A. We simply change the design until you are completely happy.

A. You can cancel your package at any time and receive a full refund if no work has started, however, if work has started you will lose your deposit if you cancel. If you agree for us to launch your website once you are happy with it, there are no refunds but you can request to take your website offline and you will have the ability to take your domain name somewhere else, no questions asked!

A. No. We are able to hide your website from the public but we can not cancel your service, however, we may be able to make adjustments and make the website visible at a later date.

A. Absolutely! You can contact us via the contact page anytime if you are unclear about anything, we will be happy to assist you.

A. 1) A Domin Name (we will guide you through this process).

2)A document with the list of all pages and content or the completed questionnaire we offer you.

3) Logo/ branding suggestions or files (in case branding is already done).

4) Images related to your business (in good resolution).

5) 3 or 5 links of reference websites (your competitors).

6) Contact page, Business address, Email, Phone, Social media links.

A. Yes. We recommended that you purchase this yourself, in your name. That way you will always have full control and ownership of the URL which is one of the most important parts of your website.

A. Yes. If you have the Premium Plus or the Elite package you can install plugins or themes yourself or contact us and we will do it at a standard rate. If you have any of the packages we can install them for you at the standard rate of £10 per plugin/theme

A. Yes. We create a website which offers an intuitive dashboard for the non-tech users. You will be able to maintain the site by yourself once we are done with the development. You’ll have access to all the needed help to start maintaining your site.

A. We do not currently offer a logo design service, although we will be able provide you with logo ideas depending on your package. We can also add a logo to your website at a later date if you create or purchase one from a free or paying service in the future.

A. The website and the URL structure of the website will be SEO Friendly.

A. Yes. Each website has a drag and drop editor.

A. Yes. Each package comes with hosting, although you can supply your own hosting if you would like to, but that is only for the Premium, Premium Plus and the Elite level packages. The hosting will need to be wordpress friendly.

A. Responsive website is the modern trend in website development, it means that the website will be fully compatible to all mobile devices and adjust itself according to the screen size.

A. We may add some information to guide you on what we feel is the best type of content for a specific area of the site. Unless agreed upon, the content placed on the site is to be provided by you.

A. Your web designer will give you an Email link to send your content to

A. The client may request that the developer undertake further work after acceptance; however, any additional work carried out will be charged at a standard rate. Small jobs like changing an image or updating a paragraph will cost £10 per job. 

A. Yes. You can upgrade your package as your business grows by contacting us via email. You will be required to pay the difference + £60 service charge. For example: You have the Premium Package for £349 and you want the Premium Plus Package which is £499. You would pay £150 + £60 service charge and your site will be upgraded with a new expiry date. 

A. Yes of course, but before placing your order please contact us with order requirements to make sure we can provide what you want.

A. Yes. We can set up the product for a standard fee of £7.50 per product. You will need to provide the image, the title, a short description, the product details, and the price.

We are very flexible

Different businesses require different things!

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