Our Story

In 2010 we began website designing as a private business, working for private clients to produce exclusive websites. We went from strength to strength; we satisfied our customer’s needs over the years and were please by the results.

In 2017 we decided to expand our business model by offering our services to the general public. As a London based website design team, we pride ourselves on the services we deliver; we set up and run high quality websites for a relatively low price.

We like to offer packages and be as clear with our pricing as possible. There’s nothing worse than having to sign up for a service, phone or message web designers to receive a quote out of your price range, or to find out that the cheap website price advertised was monthly and not yearly.

We actively strive to leave our clients completely satisfied. If we feel a client is looking for something we don’t currently offer, we will do our best to recommend another quality company that may be better suited.

We create bespoke plans and take care of our client’s requirements throughout their relationship with us.

Our Service

All of our services are available in-house and designed by our designer’s, however, some clients will receive flyers/leaflets and merchandise via a third party company. We only work with reputable companies and our team put in the effort and time to ensure everything is a smooth process for you to get the results you desire.

Our Team

Our team members are dedicated to the job. We excel at getting the job done, with the requirements met at every stage. Working until the end result is outstanding; we never offer our clients anything less than high quality results at any stage in the process.

We Care

At HaveSites.com we listen, understand, and take care of our clients. We focus on having long-lasting relationships with our client’s and offer extra services which set us apart from others. We help you and your business grow as our knowledge expands too. Taking care of maintenance and ongoing changes to your website ensures you are seen at your best, always.

We are very flexible

Different businesses require different things!

Let us serve you

Send our friendly web designer a quick message to see if we can get you the best site for your business.

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